In 1912, McCann registered the world’s first advertising trademark ‘Truth Well Told’ and I try to extend this ideology to the whole world of Marketing in my mind. I like to read about good & unique content/work that belongs to marketing.

Some work out there makes me so angry that sometimes an urge dominates my mind – ‘An URGE to Punch the Monster in Gut!’ But after the blink of an eye another feeling crops up – ‘A Feeling of Admiration!’ which creates a balance of Yin & Yang.

One day a strange thought came to my mind and a war broke-out between the two formidable forces.

Army 1 – “Don’t do it. It’s a waste of time”.

Army 2 – “Go for it! It will be fun!”

In the end I finally decided to start this blog to document things that I found interesting for the people to read.

Hi, my name is AKSHAT and I welcome you into my world. Don’t just stand there by the door. Come on in & Enjoy!!

The code is ‘Marketing’

& Ideology  is ‘Understanding different perspectives and forming you own’.

Please don’t shy and write to me if you want to play ‘Marketing’.