WILLFUL IGNORANCE – Power, A Marketer Can’t Ignore (Part -2)

“The Power of Willful Ignorance Cannot be Overstated” – Kate Miles

In the previous article (Willful Ignorance – Part 1) we barely scratched the surface of what ‘Willful Ignorance’ is. The behavior of people to intentionally turn their attention away from ethical problems for several reasons. A problem could be so disturbing for people that it would dominate their thoughts or solving it might require extensive efforts.

This piece is the 2nd & final one in the series through which I’ll be digging a little deeper for its applications in food, diamond, and fashion industry with the psychology behind it.

Take a quick peek through the below video of what this article is all about and have your full read at www.MyMarketingDoor.com/willful-ignorance-power-a-marketer-cant-ignore-part-2.


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