Profiting off of Liberalism

An interesting piece on situations when Cos. try to bud in to take advantage of others’ hard work & in the process damage their brand name


Can we say it is just about the way you perceive?

To answer, spend a few minutes on the observations of Devin R. Larsen below.


I came across an article on The Guardian this morning, entitled “Faking ‘wokeness’: how advertising targets millennial liberals for profit.” In the article, Alissa Quart asserts that blockbuster, global company’s marketing teams are creating ad campaigns meant primarily for liberal millennials. For liberal city centers such as New York City and San Francisco, cities that feature professional and wealthy classes of the Democratic Party, there is a great deal of Democratic consumer dollars to be had for major companies. While millennials are searching for smaller, local, family-owned companies to support, the giants of merchandising are revamping their marketing departments to stay relevant with a younger, more progressive population. As Quart contends, “The increasingly progressive messages in marketing campaigns are clearly a mercenary attempt to entice millennials: they are trying to be “woke”.”

Examples of such marketing campaigns are Heineken’s liberal ad, one that urbanist Richard L. Florida states is…

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